What the social media activities of German Parties may influence the 2021 election

Social Media, YouTube and other online outlets are one of the most prominent ways people will inform themselves about upcoming elections. The way parties produce and share content is critical for them

This dossier is a Social OSINT overview of the major German parties competing for the 2021 election. It also features 2 “outsiders” which are not expected to meet the 5% threshold but have interesting social media properties nonetheless.

This dossier is freely available and should be shared. It is great insight for anyone politically interested to see a political race on social media.

Below you’ll find the full dossier:

(1) Rosati, Antonia ; Guglielmetti, Florencia & De Brasi, Leandro (2021). Anxiety as a Positive Epistemic Emotion in Politics. Critical Review: A Journal of Politics and Society 33 (1):1-24.

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