Fast Food, Advertising and the German Army

Fast Food, Advertising and the German Army


This article is still “in the making”.

This is not a endorsement or criticism against the current foreign policies of Germany. It focuses on the advertisement. This could be any other company.

No correlation

When creating a ad strategy, the key is always targeting. When you watch “bachelorette” you do not see adverts for the newest, fastest and most accurate rifle from H&K. You see beauty creams and mostly skin care products. The reasoning: People who enjoy (bachelorette) might enjoy this (beauty).

With that in mind let’s take a quick peak at a campaign from the German army. They advertise their YouTube show: “Besatzung Bravo” on fast food napkins. Currently the connection between “fast food” and “army” isn’t a easy one to make.

But in advertising, there are many aspects that may not be visible at first glance. If you have an idea why they might have chosen this route please let me know.

advert on fast food

I’ve send a freedom of information request to the relevant authorities on the 12.09.2021 and will update the article as soon as more information become available.

I will also reach out for comment after the data becomes available.

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